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Toll manufacturing

Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing is a subset of the more general phrase “contract manufacturing,” and it refers to the process by which pharmaceutical corporations contract out their production requirements to suitable businesses. These contract manufacturing companies (CMOs) work on product development, formulation, and testing, freeing up the pharmaceutical business to concentrate on marketing, research, and scalability. Additionally, contract manufacturers can offer the tools, fabrication services, and raw materials required for the creation of pharmaceuticals.

Why outsource pharmaceutical manufacturing ?

Manufacturing pharmaceuticals takes time, is challenging, and is regulated heavily. It makes sense for a pharmaceutical company to contract out this production to outside parties since it lowers internal expenses and frees up resources for the business to concentrate on other more crucial tasks. Utilizing a CMO, pharmaceutical businesses are better.

why choose biomed as your manufacturing plant?

At BioMED we offer all that you need. From 70+ scientists, to the newest machines, a professional R&D department that include, dossier development, chemical synthesis, process optimization, formulation development, analytical development, stability studies. In addition, BioMED has 3 different factory plants 

General Factory For Solid Dosage Form
Cephalosporin factory for solid and suspension formulations
sterile Cephalosporin products

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