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In recent years, BioMED has widened its product line and established itself as an official importer of a number of pharmaceutical excipients and active ingredients. 
To import patented ingredients that are safe and of the highest caliber, we work with major corporations and multinational organizations all over the world. 
In order to better meet the demand in the Egyptian pharmaceutical market and make sure that people have access to the products they need to thrive, our team is constantly pursuing new partnerships with reputable international suppliers.


In order to help our suppliers meet their productivity objectives, we can manage the logistics and warehousing duties on their behalf thanks to our extensive experience. By placing their trust in us to handle storage and distribution, our suppliers can confidently devote their time and attention to their primary business.
All of our climate- and humidity-controlled warehouses are outfitted with pest- and fire-resistance systems, as well as round-the-clock security guards.

Our warehouses and delivery fleet adhere to good storage practises (GSP) and good distribution practises (GDP) established by the World Health Organization in addition to our standards for a temperature-controlled supply chain.
BioMED Pharma, which strives to offer the highest level of service, also offers suppliers’ value-added services and solutions that are tailored to meet specific needs with regard to bundling, repackaging, overprinting, the provision of and skilled labour


Supply Chain

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