BioMED Pharmaceutical Industries

Staturic 40mg ® Tablets

Staturic is containing febuxostat with a range of concentrations 40 mg which is the most recommended molecule used to treat all types of Hyperuricemia including gouty arthritis and its uncomfortable flares due to its high selectivity to xanthine oxidase enzymes.



Each tablet contain :

  • Febuxostat  40mg

All types of hyperuricemia:

  • Asymptomatic hyperuricemia

  • Symptomatic hyperuricemia (Gout)

One tablet once or twice daily


  • Contraindicated if patient has a history of cardiac insufficiency.

A box containing 30 film coated tablets.

Febuxostat is a novel, selective xanthine oxidase/dehydrogenase inhibitor that works by decreasing serum uric acid in a dose-dependent manner. In healthy subjects, febuxostat decreased the mean serum uric acid and serum xanthine concentrations, as well as the total urinary uric acid excretion. Febuxostat at daily doses of 40-80 mg reduced the 24-hour mean serum uric acid concentrations by 40 to 55%.Closely related to the drug-induced reduction of serum uric acid levels and mobilization of urate crystals in tissue deposits, febuxostat is associated with gout flares.