BioMED Pharmaceutical Industries

Doucheal N ® Feminine wash

Anti-bacterial wash and used for inflammation



Each 250ml contain :

  • Chlorohexidine
  • Glycerin
  • Perfume (rose)
  • Aloe vera extract
  • Panthenol
  • purified water.
  • prevent infection, Itching and irritation in the vagina and vulva
  • prevent A burning sensation, especially during menstruation, excessive vaginal secretion, intercourse and urination
  • prevent Redness and swelling of the vulva
  • has Rose perfume odor to eliminating unpleasant odors
  • 20ml to be diluted on 1 L or with direct application 3 times weekly or 3 times daily during period.
  • allergy for any component

bottle 250 ml