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We pledge to empower our people, and we’re dedicated to providing opportunities to succeed.

Want to become part of something big?

We only see what’s ahead of us. We pledge to be bigger, better, among the best. We do that by choosing the perfect candidates such as you. Candidates who can exceed expectations, challenge themselves, &  want to grow.

HR manager at bioMED

Dr. Mostafa Gomaa

Chief human resources officer (CHRO)

“At BioMED we pledge for a better life . We pledge to treat others as we wish to be
treated. We continuously evaluate and improve our performance.”

sign of HR manager

BioMED Employee Pledge

Code of conduct

I will conduct myself at all times while I am on duty in a manner what will reflect well on BioMED Pharmaceuticals. I understand that when people observe me and my actions, they are looking at me as a representative of BioMED Pharmaceuticals and will judge BioMED through my actions. Therefore, I will conduct myself in a professional and dignified manner at all times.

I pledge to make those I serve my highest priority.
I pledge to respect privacy and confidentiality.
I pledge to communicate effectively.
I pledge to conduct self professionally.
I pledge to have a sense of ownership.
I pledge to commit to my colleagues.

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